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What’s our story?

Over ten years ago Galliard began to tell memorable stories. Stories that lie hidden deep within complex science, clinical data and market research reports.

Storytelling is at the heart of our approach to communications because a good story will be told again and again, passed from person to person and will resonate online, in print, or on air. Put simply, storytelling works.

We tell stories that attract attention. Generate impact. Stimulate action. Or sometimes, just make you think differently.

Now when isn’t that exciting?

Who are we?

We are a team of specialist healthcare communicators who apply academic rigour and research, with a liberal dose of creativity, to our scientific storytelling.

Unrelenting in our curiosity, we ask tough questions, listen hard and examine every angle to help us find the nugget of originality that will help us create memorable stories for our clients and their brands. Of course, the story is just the start. We then define strategies that work, messages that resonate and messengers (human, social or traditional!) that deliver.

How do we work?

Our formula is equal parts integrity, enthusiasm and outstanding client service.

We are passionate about our work, so much so that our senior team members are actively engaged day to day in the business of shaping and telling your stories. They get a real buzz out of it. And we’ve got more than 150 years of collective experience that tells us day to day senior staff involvement makes for happy teams and even happier clients.

Does that strike a chord?

Our people

We are a hugely talented and diverse team at Galliard, united by a passion for science. Our team includes PhDs, nurses, clinical research associates, marketers, writers, medical reps and media experts. Oh, and we also have linguists, a historian and an economist. Creative story telling is fuelled by different life experiences after all!

What’s in a name?

Galliard [f.L. Galli – a Gaul+An] Gallic French. Forms: galliard, gal(l)yarde, galiard(e), galyeard
A: adj.
1. Valiant, stout-hearted
2. Lively, brisk, full of spirit
B. sb.
1. A quick and lively dance in triple time
2. A man of courage and spirit